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You need this transformative 3-lesson mini course. Gain discernment, unravel mysteries, and break free from witchcraft deception . Don't miss out on this exclusive offer! Join us now to receive invaluable tools for navigating spirituality, discerning authenticity, and embracing spiritual practices that align with your beliefs


What is Christian Witchcraft?

Discover the truth about Christian witchcraft. Unveil the conflicts it poses with orthodox Christian teachings. Join us to understand its roots, risks, and why it deviates from true faith. Gain clarity and embrace an authentic Christian journey. Reserve your spot now for eye-opening insights.


3 Life-Changing Spiritual Lessons.


Uncover Demonic Agendas 

Explore the foundations of witchcraft and discover the language of heaven, discern genuine encounters, and embrace prophetic messages.


Journey into the Supernatural

Gain biblical insight into the demonic practice of necromancy, hoodoo and astral projection, discern its misalignment with Christian beliefs, and embrace the profound beauty of sacred truths.


Unmask Deceptive Practices

Expose the dangers of counterfeit prophetic experiences, discern the pitfalls of scrying, and reject the dark allure of necromancy.

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I'm Torace Solomon

From the tender age of 7, I began walking in the gift of prophecy, breaking free from generational curses, and empowering others to unlock their true potential. Join me on a transformative journey to navigate spiritual battles, discern deception, and embrace the power of authentic prophecy.

Drawing from personal experiences and a solid foundation from Bible college, I offer a unique perspective grounded in biblical principles. Together, we'll dismantle generational curses, unveil your divine purpose, and boldly step into the fullness of God's calling. Embark on this remarkable voyage of deliverance and prophetic clarity with Torace Solomon, as we experience the life-changing freedom that comes from walking in alignment with God's truth.


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Break Free From Christian Witchcraft 

Join my transformative 3-day journey, uncovering prophetic deception Limited spaces available, so claim your spot now. Strengthen your spiritual place and embrace true biblical clarity.